Considering This New Beginning

Sitting here, margarita in hand, contemplating this new endeavor; I have to laugh. If you told me in high school that I’d be a professional writer, I’d have thought you were crazy. But after an academic and professional career of following incredible opportunities to grow, learn and the world, and my limits, here I am. Having written short stories, scripts, speeches, academic papers, business documentation, software manuals and, of course, corporate training, I’m embarking on a new journey as a blogger. (By the way, don’t look for my fiction writing – I write under a pseudonym that no one will ever know. EVER.)

So why take the time to blog, and why should you bother reading anything I write? I decided years ago that if I could answer those questions, don’t blog. Now I find that I have an answer and I think it is valid and worthwhile.

A Different Way
My work with training and HR departments across the nation, I am energized by discussion where we approach problems from a different perspective. I enjoy bringing perspectives and approaches from outside a discipline and looking at ways of applying it find a solution. I love sparking conversations that pull people outside their comfort zone and force them to look at a situation from a different perspective. This often leads to creative, highly-effective solutions. If I can spark these conversations internally for you, then I believe this blog is worth the time.

Sharing Experience
Having trained other eLearning professionals and reached out to share knowledge with others, I have found that my experience benefits other eLearning professionals. I could hoard this information and use it to make as much money as possible, or I could share it. I want to share – I’ve never been a good capitalist. My Microeconomics professor at the University of Memphis was quick to remind me of this when I asked him how to apply the Keynesian economic principles to the reciprocity-based economies of the South Pacific. (Though I’m sure Dr. J. Patrick Lewis, my Economics Professor at Otterbein University would have loved that question. And check out his children’s books!)

Let’s Be Transparent

  • I am not here to win any awards for my writing. Though don’t believe for one second that awards, including cash, won’t be greatly appreciated.
  • I don’t claim to be a great writer.
  • I will never profess to be a humorist. All attempts at humor are strictly for my own gratification and if you find it funny, that is on you, not me.
  • Those of you close to me have probably heard me babble about some of these topics before – please bear with me and enjoy the new content that I haven’t shared with you yet.
  • And I want to hear from you. This isn’t a narcissistic endeavor. I really want this to be a community and share about topics in which YOU are interested. Share your experiences, ask questions, let know now your interests and concerns, and let’s make something valuable.

I think it is about time I work on something on topic for the blog.

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